Northrend Corridor is a multiplayer map for Warcraft III. It has more features than a normal corridor map, improving the game-play and the game-lifetime.

The version 8.0 of the map has been updated with the Warcraft III Reforged 1.32 version (editor 6108) and the version 7.0 of the map has been updated with the Warcraft III The Frozen Throne 1.18 version (editor 6050) so it can't work with previous versions of Warcraft III.

The version 8.0 of the map can be played using slow definition (SD) or high definition (HD) graphics.

I have created it completely on my own, with lots of existing examples of others corridor maps. I intended to distribute it under the GNU general public licence (GPL), but many players have advised me to protect my map, in order to avoid map hacking on

Do not hesitate to get me in touch for bugs, suggestions, possible improvements of upgrades, balance problems, hero problems or all others problems which could occur. You can also write to me if you wish to know information about the "making of", about triggers, script, if it can help you to create your own map.

Mail :

Minimal requirements, known bugs

The current version does not have any known bugs, it requires good computers to work without lags.

Main features

¤ 10 players, solo mode possible
¤ Large map, with a size of 192 * 192
¤ Choice between 36 heroes per side, i.e. 72 different heroes
¤ Heroes can gain 20 levels, with 4 levels per normal spell, 2 levels for the ultimate spell and 6 levels for an additional spell
¤ More than 120 unique items
¤ Computers can be added to increase the number of generated creatures, which increases the fortress difficulty
¤ Unit control during your heroe's resurrection
¤ 5 corridors included 1 on the sea
¤ Detailed graphics
¤ Lots of neutral buildings, where you can buy many items, creatures or skills
¤ 2 possible choices, either classic hero selection or random hero selection
¤ Lots of other surprises...

v8.0 Screenshots with Warcraft III Reforged v1.32

Screenshot v8.0 1  Screenshot v8.0 2

Screenshot v8.0 3  Screenshot v8.0 4

Screenshot v8.0 5  Screenshot v8.0 6

Screenshot v8.0 7  Screenshot v8.0 8

Screenshot v8.0 9  Screenshot v8.0 10

Screenshot v8.0 11  Screenshot v8.0 12

Screenshot v8.0 13  Screenshot v8.0 14

Screenshot v8.0 15

v6.0 Screenshots with Warcraft III Frozen Throne v1.20

Screenshot v7.0 1  Screenshot v7.0 2

Screenshot v7.0 3  Screenshot v7.0 4

Screenshot v7.0 5  Screenshot v7.0 6

Screenshot v7.0 7  Screenshot v7.0 8

Screenshot v7.0 9  Screenshot v7.0 10

Screenshot v7.0 11